The assembled products meet the EX (explosion-proof) requirements.
Our subassemblies could contain:

  • mechanical elements like clamps, choke plugs, spring rings, gaskets, glasses, fixing screws
  • electrical components such as filters and connection boards
  • assembly of PCBs in SMT and/or THT technology (assembly takes place in our sister company LUMEL S.A, located next to Lumel Alucast).

Before our castings reach the pre-assembly department,
100% quality inspection is carried out.

During this process are checked the following parameters: area of varnishing, thickness and adhesion of powder coating, threads visual inspection and thread inspection by using
of the gauges. Applied Corditest instruments measure 
the outside diameter and the pitch diameter of the threads.

In accordance to requirements of automotive industry, we carry out leakage tests on Ateq devices, detecting the area and size
of the leak.



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